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Soups and Stews

Soup is a thin liquid appetizer prepared with lot of water, vegetables, meat and even with fruit juices, milk and buttermilk. It can be eaten hot or cold. Also, it can be prepared in minutes. On the other hand, Stew takes hours to prepare. Stews are thick gravy type food prepared by boiling vegetables, meat or fish for hours to extract the aroma of ingredients through the natural process of boiling instead of adding herbs and flavours.  They are eaten hot as a main dish instead as a starter.


As life is becoming more and more complex, people have less time to devote to their health and fitness. It is generally said that the food that is healthy will not be tasty, we are trying here to deny this statement. By adding simple ingredients and flavours we can make delicious soups. If starter will be tasty, healthy and filling, only then we can enjoy the rest of the food. As soups have lot of water, vegetables; and if you are non-vegetarian meat or chicken, they make you feel filled which allows you to have one quarter less food. People who need special diet must include soups in their diet.